Making a seed organiser

Well, when you are trying to be self-sufficient-ish and have lot’s to think about especially at the begining of a new year, there’s really no time to share what you are doing with other people, even if you want to.  I had the same problem with getting ready for Christmas and not having time to share with you any of the things I made, like my home made crackers using magazine pages, but never mind maybe next time.

As I’ve been starting to plan our growing for 2010 and last year I sorted my seeds into individual bags labeled for each month and I still got in a pickle with them, I decided a seed organiser would be a good thing to make.

I finished it today, so here’s how to make a very basic, no cost, seed organiser.

1. Using the bottom half of a suitable box ( we had a DAB radio for christmas from my Dad, so I’ve used that) cut to about two thirds of the height of the seed packets. I covered mine with some left over wrapping paper.

2. To make the deviders I’ve used the rest of the radio box (you may need a bit more card) and I’ve cut 12 cards just a bit thinner than the box base and about 2-3 cm higher. It’s a good idea just to cut one measuring it against the box and then use that for the pattern for the rest.

3. Then cut 12 thin strips of card to go across the top of your dividers so that they will stick out either side of the box and write on the months.         See below

4. Attach strips to dividers with glue or double sided tape.

5. Then insert them into your box!

6. Now you have the joy of sorting your seeds into the months they need to be sowed and if you do successional sowing just move the seeds on into the next months section so that you remember.

Happy, un-muddled sowing for 2010.

Let me know how you get on making your own version of the seed organizer and any of your own ideas.  Remember – low cost or no cost!


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