What can be done with an unwanted pampas grass?

We’ve been managing at last to really get our teeth into making our garden ours and ridding it of unwanted leftovers from the past occupants. Also we’ve been moving our garden towards self sufficiency, organic gardening and a permaculture environment. Theres alot of learning to do so it can be a bit overloading at times but the key is to put into practice gradually the knowledge you pick up without trying to do everything and achieve everything all in one go which is very easily done. One thing we have discoverered about permaculture is making a low maintenance garden that works for you and its self .

One problem we had in our first fenced off bit of veg garden (fenced off from Rabbits and our chickens) was that it was a problem mowing around the beds and we were talking of ways we could mulch around so we didn’t have to mow but for it not to cost alot of money.

We’d previously cut down a pampas grass that really didn’t fit into our idea of how our garden should be and was far to big for its position anyway. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to us before as we were trying to think of ways to dispose of it, but now it has been put to good use and we have laid it around the problem veg bed paths as the beginning of the mulch to stop the grass growing. Warning though for any one thinking of doing the same, wear sleeves when moving it, it’s got sharp edges!

Mr O helping to carry the grass to the paths of the veg bed

It’s looking good!

Problem solved. I liked the fact that we used something from our own garden to achieve what we wanted.


2 thoughts on “What can be done with an unwanted pampas grass?

  1. A great idea…it’s always satisfying to use your own recycling. We mulched old shrub cuttings and put them under the hedges, if they grow they’ll be fine and if they don’t…they’re tucked away and being recycled.

  2. Not a terribly flattering picture of yours truly but it does look good – and the cuts on my arms went after only “several” days!!

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