More use for the old fence panels

I’ve been so busy doing so many things lately including my open studio as well as the pleasure of going out and invites to dinner, things have been piling up on me. I’ve got plants in the green house calling out to get into the garden!! hopefully this will be done this week. The house is getting neglected, which I know its not so important but I do like to think I have some contol over it rather that it having control over me! I have been having some arty ideas though which have been crowded out lately with everthing else there has been to do ( I will be putting them on my art blog shortly).  I’ve welcomed the rain though which has given me one less job to do, Is’nt life great!

Here’s another use I’ve got out of those broken fence panels I have

it stops the water running off when I waterthe plants!!!


2 thoughts on “More use for the old fence panels

  1. I love your blog Debbie, hearing all about your lovely home and garden. Real homespun feeling – a wonderful visit. I’ll be back!

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