Garden Visit

As members of the Norfolk Organic Group we had the opportunity to go and visit Bob Flowerdews garden yesterday. Already having the desire to use as much re-used and recycled materials in the garden as possible I was interested to see this garden. Well nothing prepared me for what I saw! It was a maze of corridors and compartments, storage areas, poly tunnels, tyres, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and many things reused and remade into other things. I was wondering actually whether we would find our way out! Thanks to N.O.G. for arranging it, theres alot of ideas to take on board.

On the basis of these ideas we went to our local tyre fitter on Saturday and aquired some tyres to transform into veg beds, Me and Louise are modeling one for you.


One thought on “Garden Visit

  1. I just love this blog and the pics of you and Keith with hens!! Some really useful tips and good pics and Bible bits. In fact everything.
    Lots of love, Moira

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