Decorating on a shoe string

We’ve been quite busy over the last week, one of the things we’ve been doing is decorating the upstairs guest toilet. As you may well know, decorating is not always easy on a budget, but this is how we did it.

1.5ltr of Dulux paint in ‘Mojito’ £14.50 for the walls.

Left over Focus Satin wood in ‘icing sugar for the shelf  which  was amongst discarded stuff in the garage and left over matt emulsion in ‘icing sugar’ for the ceiling.

The curtain is a single sixties bed sheet I bought  from a charity shop   because I liked the pattern. (which I’ve had for ages) We used a curtain pole we took from another room which is now going to have a blind and we already had some curtain clips which I bought from Fakenham market a couple of years ago.

The mirror was already in the toilet and the soap dish was bought from Fakenham market for £4.50.

The carpet was given to us by my Dad and his wife (left over from doing their stairs) and the carpet tape cost us £4.50.

We used some of my own artwork to finish it off.

So to decorate our now beautiful guest toilet we spent a total of £23.50


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