Cafetiere Cosy

Another handmade something inspired by my Kirsties homemade home book. A cafetiere cosy made with a jumper which had shrunk in the wash (given a helping hand by washing again!), a sample piece of knitting I did ages ago in a knitting faze and some wool scraps and here we have it, my Cafetiere cosy! I like it and Keith wants me to make more things for our home.

The key I think to the satifaction of making these things is to buy as little as possible by using things that are hanging around the house. If you haven’t got these things go charity shopping so you spend as little as possible, it’s much more fun that way. We don’t have to spend money just because everybody else is!


One thought on “Cafetiere Cosy

  1. That is so much fun… I love charity shop shopping, though I do prefer the ones near my Mum, they seem to be in the proper sense of the ethos.

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