Sorting Seeds

Had a good day today getting some things done in the garden and sorting the seeds to see what we have and what we need to buy and then sorting them into when we need to sow them.

I would like to save more of my own seeds as obviously in some cases it would save alot of money. We got some free seeds last year from the BBC’s big dig, the green beans ‘blue lake’ did particularly well and we saved some of the beans and they have dried so we have free seeds this year of some really good beans.

They are lovely to handle actually and it’s so satisfying to produce things yourself. I think I might try saving some broad beans next as they are quite expensive to buy.


One thought on “Sorting Seeds

  1. amazing – we sorted our seeds today as well; we seem to have masses of peas and beans, saved from last year and bought packets from previous year(s). I love green beans and mange tout, but this is ridiculous…
    Where’s the Creaky Cafe; we must visit one day!
    Lots of love, Moira

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