Book Fair

Fakenham Parish Church occasionally has a book and jigsaw fair and it’s often worth a rumage around. We went into town for the farmers market today and there was a book fair on so we went in and had and look around. I picked up this wonderful bargin….

Beowulf translated and introduced by Kevin Crossley-Holland, a poet local to us and one which we have quite a few of his books.
Aswell as the poem itself it has an introduction, historical background, time chart, social background, literary background and actually how to read the poem. It does seem very good and helps approaching such a poem seem less scary! There’s some good illustrations aswell.

This lovely hardback book for only 50p, I’m smiling!


One thought on “Book Fair

  1. What a find! A beautiful book…

    I missed this months market as we had a birthday to attend and cats to sit, but you’re right it’s certainly worth the visit. I love the rummage…

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