Yesterday in the garden

Had a really great day in the garden yesterday, got loads done, took advantage of the lovely weather we had here in Norfolk!

The first early potatos now snuggled down ready to do their stuff…

…..this border has been cleared of a dead yukka, an unmentionable amount of bramble and has been given a really good prune back…

…large tyres put in final resting place for extra growing beds…

….trimming of shrubs and hedges and lots of clearing and sweeping up….

….and tools all lined up to be put away after a hard days work!

Keith was now off in to watch the football!


5 thoughts on “Yesterday in the garden

  1. Hi,

    I found your blog today by searching wordpress on “gardening”.. & was happily surprised to see the title of your blog “The Simple Life”. I am relatively new to blogging, but have started a little series about living simply.. I’m very interested in your blog and will definitely be back!

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)And your garden looks like it’s gonna be awesome! Mine is still covered in snow.

  2. I agree with Debbie, and love growing my own veg. It’s always better than from the supermarket and you get that genuine feeling of satisfaction.

    Love this blog, it’s inspiring. 😀

    And the potato patch looks REALLY good. Please post some pics when they are ready 😀

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