New potato beds

As we are going to be taking the place of some existing beds with the poly tunnel the task I started today was to start digging new potato beds. Tough going because of slicing through turf. As I’m generally not very physically strong (a bit of a weakling really) I knew I’d find it tough, but I wanted to do it so here’s my progress.

Using planks to help me out and a lawn edger it’s easy to mark out straight lines.

It doesnt look as though I got very far but I made a good start – anyway I didn’t have long ’cause it started to rain!

As I continually am finding out the best digging shoes are walking boots!

And anyway, I don’t know how on earth much garden you need if you’re supposed to do three year rotation, if you want to be self-sufficient and have a big enough harvest to store over winter!


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