Holiday Chocolate Cake! (recipe)

As we are having a weeks break from work I decided to make us a lovely chocolate cake, usually made for special occasions, particularly for Keith’s birthday!

Mmmmm……it’s very nice


2 greased and lined sandwich tins

60z white flour (I use organic white spelt)
3 large tbs cocoa ( if you’re in the UK,  Morrisons organic is lovely)
60z marg (I use dairy free spread)
6oz caster sugar (I always use unrefined)
3 free range eggs
1tsp baking powder
Walnuts, choc buttons or anything to decorate

Pre-heat oven 200C (gas 6).
With a wooden spoon cream marg and sugar together until creamy, then add one egg at a time with a little flour and mix well. Sift in flour, cocoa, and baking powder iinto bowl and fold in with a metal spoon. 

Divide between the two spnge tins and bake for 20-25mins


8oz icing sugar
4oz marg

Cream together in separate bowl and once cake is cool use half to fill the middle and half to smother on the top. Then decorate!


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