At last, back in the garden after a good few weeks committed to art projects. Our veg beds do need alot of conditioning, so after doubling the size of the compost bins earlier in the year, I think things are developing well. Just note please don’t underestimate how important even a very small compost heap is! After a bit of tidying up here are ours:

This one is finished and ready to cover and let the worms and bugs do there stuff……

this one full of yummy homemade compost is all ready to be put onto the veg beds…….

 and this one is ready to start filling with waste matter ……


such as, veg peelings, veg that you consider past it’s best, weeds, shredded hedge trimmings, egg shells from raw eggs (best crushed), leaves and garden sweepings, tea bags, cleanings from the chicken coops (Rabbit waste is very good too), grass cuttings etc. …. I would not put on shells from cooked eggs or any cooked foods (these attract vermin), weeds that have gone to seed, laylandii trimmings (these are too acid). I hope my tips help – happy composting! 🙂


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