Mint Sauce!

Because roast lamb was on the menu for Sunday lunch I Scoured the the garden for the first signs of fresh mint growing, there was some but I can say, there isn’t any now!!

For anyone who has never had homemade mint sauce, I must say it is very different to the mass produced stuff, but it’s what I grew up with. Here’s how to make it…..Pick a hand full of  fresh mint from the garden, Chop it up as fine as you can with a sharp knife…..

…put it in a small bowl with a small quantity of malt vinegar (enough so you can stir it round) and add at least 3 tsps of sugar. Stir occasionally until sugar is dissolved.

The key is to leave it long enough for the mint flavour to penetrate the liquid and add more sugar if needed. It wants to be more sweet than vinegary. (this is trial and error to get it to your taste) . If you have your Sunday lunch in the middle of the day I would make it the night before but if you eat in the evening it’s fine to make it that morning. Stir it occasionally while the flavour is maturing. Enjoy with your lamb 🙂



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