I seem to be blogging mostly about the garden lately, it must be the time of year. I think this year is going to be the year of the garden as we have lots of improvements planned!

I haven’t started off much yet as I’m a little unsure what is happening with the veg beds but the things in the green house are doing quite well.

Broad beans….

…cucumbers and tomatoes (more tomatoes on the way)….

and peas….

I wasn’t going to grow peas because of a not being successful in past years, but I had an unopened pack from last year so I thought I’d give it one more try.


One thought on “Veg’s

  1. I’ve had problems with peas, too! (I’m up in the Northern Neck of Virginia.) I direct seed them, but last year, hardly any came up and then those that did mostly died within a month. But THIS year…it’s a whole different story! The peas I planted in early March are taking off. The Amish Snap are already over three feet high and the first pods are forming! May you have the same success with yours this spring!

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