Sunday dinner

Dinners at our house are often made with what we have in the cupboard ie: meat from the freezer (from the farmers market) and whatever we have to go with it. We shop when we need to so we don’t have fresh food that gets wasted. Todays dinner was created with  partridges from the freezer done in the slow cooker with veg from the fridge and garden.  I love experimenting with flavours and not using prepared gravys or stocks. Today’s ingredients were;

Sliced leek and carrots,
chard (chopped stalk and leaf),
Sliced potato
Chopped lovage and a bay leaf
salt and a few black pepper corns
2 partridges

Place prepared veg into the slow cooker and place the partridges on top ….

and add enough water for cooking. I put this in the slow cooker after breakfast on low and leave it until tea time. Lift partridges out to thicken gravy and remove meat from the bones, either put meat back into the gravey or serve directly on the plates. Yum!

With two partridges this serves the two of us for two days :-p
(there maybe even some left to make some soup)


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