Finally, I’ve planted my onion sets. I know it’s late but nothing seems to be growing much in the weather we’re having, so I’m sure they’ll catch up.

First it was getting the bed ready which required some digging…

onions 1

….Keith helped me with this. Then I added some homemade compost.

onions 2

So here are my little onion sets snuggled in the ground at last! (If you look closely you can see them)

onions 5

On the subject of onions, here’s a row of salad onions (struggling with the lack of sunshine)

onions 3

The garlic chives seeds I sprinkled in here have germinated.

onions 4

And these lovely chives come up every year in all sorts of places, including the patio!

onions 6

I know some people find stray seeds frustrating but I quite enjoy free plants popping up in odd places 🙂


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