Weekend Brewing

We brewed our first beer from a kit last weekend. Apart from the satisfaction of the process, if it works out, the beer will cost 1/3rd of the price paid in the shops. We have never been pub going people so we are not taking away business from them!

It looks disgusting in the bucket, doesn’t it? But it already smells like beer!

Brewing 1

The mundane bit is sterilising the bottles, not good if you’re not a patient person.

Brewing 2

The beginning of the good bit!

Brewing 3 Brewing 4

Here are all the bottles sealed and ready. They are all saved bottles by the way, so we only had to buy the caps and my Dad gave us the the thingy that puts them on.

Brewing 5
The taste test comes in two weeks time, which relies on Keith because I don’t like beer! 🙂


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