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Apple and marmalade cake

Last weekend I discovered this delicious River cottage recipe for apple and marmalade cake it is very easy to make and I think it can be eaten as a tea time cake or a dessert. Because I try and keep a well stocked larder the ingredients were quite easy for me.

Cake 1

The sultanas are soaked in three tbsp of warmed whiskey, you could use apple juice.

Cake 2 Cake 3 Cake 4
Don’t be discouraged from a recipe just because you are missing an ingredient, replace with the nearest equivalent. For example, if the recipe says brown sugar and you haven’t any, use white sugar. Maybe then get some brown sugar in for another time. That’s how to stock your cupboards or pantry. When you do cook yourself, it can often help to use leftovers etc. In this cake I used some over ripe eating apples. The recipe said four, but I only had three, so I used them!

I will give some more tips I think on stocking the pantry because it does help tremendously in using leftovers 🙂

Home cooked yummies are better for you than bought ones!



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