Planting and sowing

I find it so fulfilling being outside in the spring and tending my garden. On Sunday we got quite a bit done.

With the help of our visitor Liva, I sowed more tomatoes, aubergines, broad beans and bazil.

Garden 1

I am so happy that my tomato seeds, that were dried on paper towel and were sowed by just putting the whole paper towel in a seed tray are coming through, an experiment that worked and I will do again.

Garden 2

I also managed to sow my my early seed potatoes, spacing them out a lot more than previous years to see if that improves the crop. According to what I’ve read, I should be cropping them in 10 weeks.

Garden 3
Happy sowing everyone and if you haven’t got a garden, sow a tomato plant or herbs on a windowsill or balcony, it’s so rewarding growing things yourself! 🙂


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