I made soap!

I’ve been thinking about making soap for a while, as I have quite sensitive skin. Even better now, you can buy melt and pour soap that is SLS free, which is a a nasty harsh ingredient, that is put in most cleaning agents and even bars of soap. I bought mine from Just a Soap, I already had some essential oils I could use.

I cut up the soap base into smallish pieces………

Soap making 1

and gradually melted it in the microwave at 30 second intervals and kept stirring it.

Soap making 2

Then when it had melted I added my essential oil and citrus peel I was using. I used vetiver with orange zest and rosemary oil with lemon zest.

Soap making 3

I used a large serving spoon to put it into the molds.

Soap making 4

When it is set you can pop it out of the mold and voila, you have soap!

Soap making 5

Because I’m me, I made pretty wrapping for some of them 🙂

Soap making 6

……….and yes, I am going to make more!


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