Mid-summer Fest on a Budget

We had a lovely time on Saturday. We had invited some friends round to a mid-summer mini festival we planned. Having a limited budget doesn’t have to be to much of a problem if you plan right.

We made it a bring and share fest, where every one brings what they could to contribute to the festivities, which people are happy to do, so don’t be afraid of suggesting it. This also means your guests can bring food that they like as well as you.

We put on a few activities, games and stuff,  as well and a band ‘The Datty Shud’. A band you say! Well we enabled this by a bit of barter. We traded the performance with a publicity shoot by my husband Keith who is a photographer.

Here’s just a few snaps.



You don’t have to have a band, get your friends to use there skills or use your own or just do the bring and share. Have a great summer! 🙂


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