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Homemade Tomato soup

Just a little tip on how easy it is to make your own tomato soup.

I still have tomatoes in the fridge from late ripening so I decided to make some soup.  You can make this out of shop bought tomatoes, especially if you manage to get them at reduced price.

Slice them all in half and lay on an oiled baking sheet with some herbs and perhaps garlic. I used rosemary and oregano. put in the oven on 180C  for about 30mins. Quantity of tomatos is up to you as left over can be eaten the next day or frozen.

Tomato soup 1

When they are nice and crinkley, whiz them up in a food processor….Tomato soup 2
Put into a pan with some chicken or veg. stock. The amount is up to you again as to how thick you like your soup.Tomato soup 3
Season to taste and serve! 🙂
Tomato soup 4


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