R.I.P. Ziva – Testing times!

Well that wasn’t the day I had planned! Instead of Christmas stuff (My department) we’ve been having to take serious measures to protect our chickens, having lost three and had one injured over the past four nights to ratty and his friends. So, our remaining 13 hens and Hugh have been temporarily rehoused in a new secure fenced in area right in the middle of the garden, well away from rat territory and we’ve been handy with the rat bait and bait boxes. If you’re a rat, you’re on notice to avoid Hillside Lodge garden!!

It is sad that the deceased chickens included Ziva one of the very first to come and live with us.

R.I.P. Ziva beautiful girl! 😦

Ziva 2


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Ziva – Testing times!

  1. Oh how awful, I had no idea rats were a big problem to chickens- we always hear about foxes, don’t we? I hope the measures you’ve taken will prove too much for the horrid blighters.xx

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