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Dandelion Wine

Well, last time I attempted this time ran away with me and my dandelions just stewed away in the bucket and I ended up throwing them away. I decided I must try harder! But when the sun shines on the dandelions and they are fully opened to the sun , I am always tempted to go and pull their heads off and do something beautiful with them! Of course there are loads still left in the garden worshiping the sun.

Just a litre of dandelion heads is all it takes.Dandilions 3
Leave them to brew in a warm place for a couple of days with sugar orange zest and yeastDandilions 4
and then into a demi-jon to ferment away for about a month,

Dandilions 5
then it’s ready to rack off (put into bottles).



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4 thoughts on “Dandelion Wine

  1. I’ve made wine out of all sorts of stuff but dandelions have never appealed. There’s always that sour smell to the sap, when you pick them. What does it taste like?

    1. Hi Mick, the last lot I made was really nice. As you can see, the colour changed dramatically from when I put in the sugar and yeast to when I put it in the demi-jon. You never no from one batch to the next though, but you will have to wait a year for my feed back. Why don’t you try it and we can compare results! 🙂

  2. I have tasted this in Sweden. As alcohol is very expensive there they make wine out of nearly everything. But it had quite a good taste. Cheers.

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