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A Walk on the Beach

I’ve been holding a lot of stress in my body lately and I had the opportunity last week to have a lovely walk on the beach,  so I thought I’d share it with you.

I’ve tried to capture the feel of it rather than take good photo’s.

Walk on the beach 1
I know feet photo’s are annoying but again I wanted to share with you the feel of my walk. The water was cold but not too cold.
Walk on the beach 2
I loved the reflection of the low sun on the water.Walk on the beach 3
I was trying to be open to all the sensations.Walk on the beach 4
I felt very relaxed after my walk and the photos remind me of those feelings.


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One thought on “A Walk on the Beach

  1. Whenever I am stressed a paddle is the best thing ever. At least half an hour on my own just going up an down on a sandy stretch is just heaven.

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