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I might be frustrated about how untidy our garden is, but I’m not disappointed with the produce. I have so enjoyed the gradual progression of each fruit or vegetable being ready to eat. This time it’s corn. There is nothing like picking the corn, pulling off the greenery and popping it in the pan. I always think of how much goodness there is in food that is so fresh 🙂

For all those who are wondering, it is so easy to grow. The only thing is , you must plant it in a grid shape to aid pollination. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Corn

  1. We too are loving ours.Black pepper is a must. I just saw a Jamie Oliver recipe of stir frying stripped corn in oil, with chili, ginger and soy sauce – may give it a try!

  2. We’ve tried twice to grow corn with little success. Yes, we did the grid thing, and did a bit of hand pollination as advised, but no real luck. So we have to buy ours at the market- cheap as chips though I have to say. The most expensive thing about corn on the cob is the BUTTER! After all, it is just an excuse to eat lots of lovely butter!

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