Garden Forage Soup

A good idea for using up bits and pieces and leftovers is soup. If something has gone a bit ugly or shriveled in your fridge, use them in Soup.  I sometimes have a little forage in the garden out of season too because you do occasionally find something to add to your soup out there too!

I had the end of a bag of potatoes, a bit of rubbery broccoli and a sad leek in the fridge. I when outside and gathered some thyme, some baby leaves of spinach that was tucked away and some bitter cress that had taken over one of my herb pots.


This is what bitter cress looks like close up, it comes up like a weed and it tastes like cress!


My very sad leek needed some layers peeled off but it was fine.


Don’t just throw away this end that you cut off….


…peel and trim a little and you get this, chop it up with the rest!


I just use half an organic stock cube to help the flavor, these ones are good, they are not too salty.


All in the pan with some seasoning to cook for twenty or so minutes.


Whiz up in a blender and serve! Very cheap, yummy and nutritious 🙂



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