In my last post I was talking about our rubbish bin and reducing what we send to land fill. My one new years resolution is to now reduce what goes in my recycle bin, because basically it’s all still waste isn’t it!

What are you doing to combat the consumerist and wasteful society we live in? I have for a while now  been trying very hard to avoid using/accepting plastic carrier bags when out shopping by taking my own bags or using a box. This is difficult but can be done. Here’s some shopping I did on Thursday.

Being self employed I am able to visit our local market where most things are laid out loose, unfortunately not the celery and the lady put my potatoes in a carrier bag at such a speed that it was too late! Maybe I should have still had the courage to tell her I didn’t want it.

If you are tied to using a supermarket it is still mostly possible to do, but you have to resist putting your loose veg and fruit into the little plastic bags that are on offer. I must confess a huge satisfaction in getting home with little or no plastic acquired on a shopping trip.

I am going to keep you up dated on my progress, even when I fail! 🙂


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