Obsessive creator, garden lover, nature watcher, slow liver, slow food maker, chicken owner, tea drinker, wine maker, positive thinker, self-sufficiency yearner, vegetable grower, postcard sender, re-cycler, God seeker, art lover, goodie goodie driver, found object collector, mail art maker……..


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  1. Hey Debbie We moved up to Norfolk about 8 months ago and I have been following your blog for some time. Having been watching your chicken family grow I was sorry to hear about your loss of one of your hens. We lost one a few weeks about and its never easy. We are thinking of adding to our little band of chickens, we have three now, and was wondering where you get yours from? We aren’t far from you, Dunton is our home and have been through Toftrees on a few occassions. If you can help at all We would be really grateful.

    Many thanks
    Jayne & Brian

    1. Thanks Jayne, it’s lovely to hear from someone who’s following my blog. We have some Ideas of where to get chickens from but haven’t followed up leads yet. Would you like to come over for a tea or coffee one day and we could share with you what we have been discovering. Our current chickens were all given to us as we always follow try to get things free if we can. look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hey Debbie

    Thanks for getting back to us its nice to know someone else in Norfolk. We would love to meet up or come round for tea/coffee one day. Unfortunately I work all week but perhaps we could sort out one saturday to come see you that if you don’t mind us both turning up on your doorstep. Love the idea of Free we are getting into that mode ourselves. Luckilly our neighbour has managed to get us three chickens that are coming this weekend so my hen problem is now sorted.

    Hope to hear from you again soon


      1. Hi Debbie

        Sorry have had trouble with my internet connection. Would love to come see you guys. Next weekend we have friends coming up from Essex plus its easter so I am sure you will be busy. Perhaps if it’s ok with you we could come over the weekend after easter??? just let me know


  3. ohhh boy talk about a total mess of a weekend….Will explain more when we finnally get to meet you guys. We are free this Saturday if you are and were wondering if it would be ok to visit around about 11am? just let me know yes or no. Looking forward to hearing from you

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