Fakenham Weather

How beautiful is this! 🙂


New-ish Table

Since our veranda table got turned into a planter, we needed a new one. I had a spare one in my studio but it was much too high for relaxing with.

I bought some steel legs on line (only £7.99 each)

and voila, an new table! 🙂

And this is a reminder of the old table 🙂

A Beautiful Day

At last, here in Fakenham, the garden is calling. I do love spring and there are many signs that it’s coming. I’ve been outside today starting to tidy up and do some sweeping in anticipation of growing things. It’s been fresh, but sunny and when I was doing jobs around the garden I was warm enough in my jumper.

Here’s a peak, I couldn’t resist posting because I was so enjoying the sunshine!

My first bit of colour.

These two are enjoying the weather too!:-)


In my last post I was talking about our rubbish bin and reducing what we send to land fill. My one new years resolution is to now reduce what goes in my recycle bin, because basically it’s all still waste isn’t it!

What are you doing to combat the consumerist and wasteful society we live in? I have for a while now  been trying very hard to avoid using/accepting plastic carrier bags when out shopping by taking my own bags or using a box. This is difficult but can be done. Here’s some shopping I did on Thursday.

Being self employed I am able to visit our local market where most things are laid out loose, unfortunately not the celery and the lady put my potatoes in a carrier bag at such a speed that it was too late! Maybe I should have still had the courage to tell her I didn’t want it.

If you are tied to using a supermarket it is still mostly possible to do, but you have to resist putting your loose veg and fruit into the little plastic bags that are on offer. I must confess a huge satisfaction in getting home with little or no plastic acquired on a shopping trip.

I am going to keep you up dated on my progress, even when I fail! 🙂


I am extra pleased with how we are managing to keep our non-recycle-able waste to a minimum. This is our rubbish bin waiting for our fortnightly collection 🙂 We are also trying to have what is called a dry bin in the kitchen which means not using a bin bag. It takes thinking about and a little extra effort, but if you put your mind to it, it cuts down on un-neccesary waste.

Using leftover Roast Pork

I always like to be creative with my leftovers, I usually checkout what I have in the pantry, fridge and garden/greenhouse and start from there. So here’s what I did with the last lot of leftover roast pork I had.

I started off stiring the cumin and coriander in some oil (after I’d crushed them with my pestle and mortar) after a couple of minuted I added chopped onion and chilli cooked until soft.
These are some peppers from my garden, cut into quarters and I added them and cooked for a couples of minutes with some diced sweet potato while cutting up the pork.
I added the pork and some chickpeas

and a few chopped up apricots.
I gave a good stir added half a tin of chopped tomatoes and simmered while I cooked some rice.
I had enough for four servings. First we had a portion with rice.
Then we had out portion like a chunky south with bread and butter.

It was actually delicious!


Despite the neglect, my tomatoes a doing surprisingly well 🙂 They are showing signs of irregular watering but still taste delicious!  
The same goes for my peppers and chillies.

I’m planning to roast and preserve the peppers in olive oil

and dry and freeze the chillies 🙂