New Lamp Shade

One of my projects last week was to make new a very tatty lampshade.

I have a collection of used stamps and I have loads that I have accumulated that are no use in my collection, so the new project began.

After the laborious job of soaking the stamps of the paper of the envelopes, it was a fun and satisfying thing to do.


What do you think?


Now for the job of restoring the lamp base! πŸ™‚


Fakenham Market Finds

As you may know, I kinda like wooden spoons.

Some for cooking

Spoons 1

and some for looking at and admiring.

Spoons 2

I found this one on the market for just Β£1.00, not for cooking I don’t think!

Spoons 3

I might have a go at painting it and hang it on the wall πŸ™‚

Home Improvements

I Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, we did. We spend the last few days doing some home improvements which were long over due.

Improving our working environment started in October and then came to a halt because of work commitments, so it was all hands on deck to finish what we had started!

We had these shelves made from shelving we bought with us from our old house, so we decided to re-use it to save money.

Improving 1

They are so fab!

Improving 2

Over the fire place we’ve hung some outsider art bought from Barrington Farm which is a centre forΒ  adults with learning difficulties here in Norfolk.

Improving 3

We now have a comfortable and improved working environment that we are happy with! πŸ™‚

Wishing you all a very happy and simple New Year πŸ™‚


It’s very festive here at Hillside Lodge. It’s so nice when Christmas eve finally arrives.

Christmas 1


Christmas 2 Christmas 2b

There’s nothing more festive than making a fruit cake!

Christmas 3 Christmas 4

To everyone who watches my blog and all your family and friends, I wish you peace and joy this Christmas πŸ™‚


I just love Sempervivums, especially when they start flowering, these alien forms start appearing around the garden. I’ve been photographing them over the last few weeks just to show you.Alien forms 2 Alien forms 3Alien forms 1 Alien forms 4

One of the things I like is they are easy to look after and always evolving and easy to cultivate ’cause they have lots of babies. πŸ™‚

Bees – the second instalment

Many of you know that we have had the problem of having bees in a chimney that we want to use and we didn’t want to kill the bees (which was most peoples solution). We found a nice man who loves bees and was prepared to try to remove them for us without killing them. Yesterday he turned up at the door at 8 am to do the job.

I didn’t take photos of him partly dismantling our chimney!… but this is only part of a jackdaws news he found in there.

Bees 5
In the process of clearing the chimney our office was quite alive with bees.Bees 1 Bees 2
Considering the amount of bees, there was only a small piece of comb that had honey in it, small but a real gift!Bees 3
We extracted almost a jar of honey from it.Bees 4
We now have, after a very busy and tiring day, a clear chimney ready to fit our wood burner my in laws have kindly given us πŸ™‚

Decorating the Hall

Pictures of our hall before I decorated it, which to me had got rather shabby.IMG_0101 IMG_0102
I had also taken the carpet up that I didn’t like.IMG_0104
Again wanting to decorate on a budget it seemed extravagant to use Annie Sloane paint on the hall floor. It actually doesn’t work out more expensive as you don’t have to sand or undercoat before putting on your chosen colour. It consists just of the colour and a top layer of lacquer, which cost about Β£40. The covering quality is fantastic so I chose to do only one coat. That with paint for selected wood work and the walls cost in total Β£65.00.IMG_0351 IMG_0353IMG_0352
I now have a beautiful hallway. πŸ™‚