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New Side Table

I’m delighted with what I’ve just made. I’ve made a side table for the lounge out of  vintage chemists box.

I found this box in the loft of our last house when we were moving and so decided to bring it with us. We’ve been using it to store sketch books and journals until now when we had a need for a new side table.

I’m really happy with it 🙂

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Fakenham Market Finds

I haven’t been sharing my finds for a while have I. I’ve been so busy doing so much and haven’t had time to report back to you folks.

These are the lovely finds from last week. A really lovely Japanese lacquer box and a beautiful little art nouveau book of poems by Elizabeth Barratt Browning 1903.

Market finds

Both for only £2.50, what a treat! 🙂

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Fakenham Market Finds – gardening

Well, I haven’t been to the market for a few weeks, but popped down again the other day and found some more bargins.

My rose arch took a bit of a battering over the winter and I bought these arch frames with the idea of stablising it.Arch 2
…and it worked, just £5.00 for the two!Arch 1

I couldn’t resist these little fellas , now could I, just £2.00 each. 🙂Fakenham market 2Fakenham market 3

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Wine Making

This weekend we have been giving our attention to our wine making. The Pinot Gregio was ready to bottle so here’s the first lot. We only managed 5 1/2 bottles so we had some to taste and it’s lovely. The lady in our fab brew shop in Norwich said it would get better with age. We have now ordered a larger quantity which will make between 27 and 30 bottles of beautiful wine at the economy price of £1.60 per bottle. We may have to buy some extra bottles, but still it’s quite a saving!

Wine 1

We also started brewing our red wine from the kit which is a merlot. In this picture we’re adding the yeast. The wine is now left for 15 to 20 days before adding more ingredients.

Wine 2
The kits are quite easy, require little attention and are ideal if you want to save a bit of money or strive for some sort of self reliance.

I can’t wait to taste the red! 🙂

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Weekend Brewing

We brewed our first beer from a kit last weekend. Apart from the satisfaction of the process, if it works out, the beer will cost 1/3rd of the price paid in the shops. We have never been pub going people so we are not taking away business from them!

It looks disgusting in the bucket, doesn’t it? But it already smells like beer!

Brewing 1

The mundane bit is sterilising the bottles, not good if you’re not a patient person.

Brewing 2

The beginning of the good bit!

Brewing 3 Brewing 4

Here are all the bottles sealed and ready. They are all saved bottles by the way, so we only had to buy the caps and my Dad gave us the the thingy that puts them on.

Brewing 5
The taste test comes in two weeks time, which relies on Keith because I don’t like beer! 🙂