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Fakenham Market Finds

I haven’t been sharing my finds for a while have I. I’ve been so busy doing so much and haven’t had time to report back to you folks.

These are the lovely finds from last week. A really lovely Japanese lacquer box and a beautiful little art nouveau book of poems by Elizabeth Barratt Browning 1903.

Market finds

Both for only £2.50, what a treat! 🙂

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I bought some shelves from Ebay the other day, the catch was they were collection only, I liked them so much that it was worth an hours drive. We went to collect them yesterday and made a mini vacation out of it and took some sandwiches, went to the Cathedral and sat by the river.

Cathedral 1Cathedral 3Cathedral 4Cathedral 2Cathedral 6Cathedral 5

Cathedral 7 Cathedral 8

These are the shelves, arn’t they gorgeous and only £15.00!

We got back about three o’clock in time for a cup of tea! 🙂

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Perry Mason

Well, after buying this book and then while reading it , found it had pages missing, I managed to get another copy and am glad to say have finished reading a very good book!

Book 1

Even though I have a addiction to Perry Mason books, the book I’m reading now is a break from the norm as it only cost a £1.00 from a charity shop I thought I’d give it a try.

Book 2

It is about a suspicious death though, so there is a connection! 🙂

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Perry Mason

I’ve made a terrible start to 2013 with my blogging, haven’t I? I’m making a fresh start now by sharing with you that I’m addicted to books by Erle Stanley Gardner, mainly Perry Mason, but I’ve read others. I don’t know how many I have read, about ten I think. This is the one I’m reading at the moment.

The Eye

One reason I like them is that they have such great titles! I have two dead people in this one so far! 🙂

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Chocolate almond cake

I picked up a new cook book at a charity shop the other day which seemed to have some good recipes in it.

Yesterday I made this chocolate almond cake (no flour).

It’s really nice with soya cream, and as you can see it’s going down very well! Here’s the recipe.


I didn’t do the icing but I’m sure it’s lovely! 🙂


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The River Cottage Cookbook

Found this hardback copy of the above at Fakenam Parish Curch Book Fair on Saturday for £2.00, I’ve already got the paperback but I can’t resist a hardback, I’ll give the otherone away as a pressie. Many of you know already that Hugh is my lifestyle guru and re reading what he has to say at the beginning of this book reminds me why….

Hugh writes “There are two reasons why you may want to read this book. The first is more or less selfish, because the main aim here is simply to help you enjoy your life more – your life with food, that is. We all know that, on occasion, food can be the source of tremendous pleasure. My question is, why is it ever not?” ….and he goes on to explain more.

It doesn’t take a lot to eat better and enjoy our food and since I have learnt more about making the most out of the food we eat, we hardly every have a bad meal. Eg use the juices at the bottom of a roasting pan if not for gravy (which only needs flour and water from the veggies) scrape it out an use it to make a meat stock, mabe for a rissotto. It does make a difference, I love my food. There’s only one draw back, It makes you fussy about eating anywhere else! Go on get a copy of one of Hugh’s books, get inspired ( it’s not ponsey food either, it’s real food!)

I’m happy to answer any cooking questions!

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Book Fair

Fakenham Parish Church occasionally has a book and jigsaw fair and it’s often worth a rumage around. We went into town for the farmers market today and there was a book fair on so we went in and had and look around. I picked up this wonderful bargin….

Beowulf translated and introduced by Kevin Crossley-Holland, a poet local to us and one which we have quite a few of his books.
Aswell as the poem itself it has an introduction, historical background, time chart, social background, literary background and actually how to read the poem. It does seem very good and helps approaching such a poem seem less scary! There’s some good illustrations aswell.

This lovely hardback book for only 50p, I’m smiling!