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Just finished off Christmassy things….

Just finished off christmassy things…

truffles for us and to go with some Chrissy pressies….

and our Christmas fruit cake, we prefer something a little lighter than the traditional one ……and so I hope all of you have the best Christmas ever and a very peaceful new year! Thanks for looking in on my blog during 2010!

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Snow and wood smoke

Even through the snow and the harsh frost, things are so beautiful – do search for the beautiful even if the cold weather bothers you. This is a photo looking across to our neighbours house a couple of days ago, with the wood smoke from they’re burner sitting on the heavy air above the house.

I couldn’t resist taking the snap, it seemed to epitomise the winter we’re having.

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Golden wedding Party

Well the reason for the break in my posts for the last week has been because I’ve been preparing for my inlaws golden wedding party and the last two days I’ve been recovering!

I made a chapel window cake which was no mean feat, but very satisfying and I was pleased with the result. I wanted the spread to be very wedding-y as it was such a special day!

Here’s the cake, an adaptation of a Darina Allen recipe.


and here’s the rest of the spread.

Everybody had a great time and guests were not eager to leave, lovely for M & D Osborn…..and I had a great time useing edible gold glitter!

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Flying visit

We had a flying visit this morning from my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins wife Kelly and their little boy Daniel on their way to Kings Lynn where the football team my cousin manages Daventry United FC were playing (unfortunatly I just heard they lost, but never mind) It was lovely to have them and to chat over a cup of tea. Daniel was very taken with the chickens and wants to come again tomorrow!

Now he wants his mum and Grandma to get chickens!