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Well, I’m very excited.  My polytunnel is finally being finished. The frame has been up for a while but progress has been very slow. As you can see from the pictures, I’m a very happy Debbie!

Poly 1 Poly 2 Poly 3 Poly 4 Poly 5 Poly 6 Poly 7

As it is a second hand polytunnel there needs to be a bit of patching up and extra plastic bought for the doors, but we are nearly there! 🙂

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Planting and sowing

I find it so fulfilling being outside in the spring and tending my garden. On Sunday we got quite a bit done.

With the help of our visitor Liva, I sowed more tomatoes, aubergines, broad beans and bazil.

Garden 1

I am so happy that my tomato seeds, that were dried on paper towel and were sowed by just putting the whole paper towel in a seed tray are coming through, an experiment that worked and I will do again.

Garden 2

I also managed to sow my my early seed potatoes, spacing them out a lot more than previous years to see if that improves the crop. According to what I’ve read, I should be cropping them in 10 weeks.

Garden 3
Happy sowing everyone and if you haven’t got a garden, sow a tomato plant or herbs on a windowsill or balcony, it’s so rewarding growing things yourself! 🙂

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It’s Time!

Yes, it’s time to consider when and what to grow in the garden. To anticipate the harvest and begin to enjoy the sunshine! Yesterday I sorted out my seeds and realised there are a lot of things that need to start being sown this month.


I tidied the green house and began to prepare for sowing some lovely seeds.


I sowed some salad in this tray in the green house, which will be covered with a cloche and fleece.


And before I went indoors I looked over my garden and began to think about what needs to be done there.

Fortunately I have a helper a couple of hours a week now, who helps with the maintenance of the garden so I can concentrate on the produce (and maybe a few flowers) 🙂

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New Chickens

We were delighted today to go and collect eight new chickens and a large chicken coop kindly given to us by a friend. Thanks to our lovely neighbour who is a man with a van, this was done quite quickly and easily!

Here’s a group shot!

New chickens
I’m very happy about this, there’s something so comforting about chickens:-)

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Brand New Fire Pit

Well, I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. Not to be all hip and trendy but just to be able to sit, relax and cook outside. I’ve always found bought bbq’s quite fiddly and usually too small and also very anti social because the poor person who’s cooking, tends to be a bit left out and this way everyone can be in charge of their own sausage!

Everything that has made up this fire pit and seats have all been found around our garden, it’s total cost is £0.00.

Things needed for this project-

Rusty trough or planter
A spade
Metal grid for cooking on
Something to sit on
Friends to eat your food

Fire Pit

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Chilli’s and squashes

I am really pleased to report that my 5op chilli plants that I bought in the summer are now looking like this.


As I hadn’t time to prepare the beds when the plants were ready my squashes and courgettes went into a wheel barrow and some large pots. They are looking like this.


These are at an advantage being by the back door, watering is easy. I’m looking forward to the fruit now that I have got all those flowers 🙂 By the way, these are all growing in my home made compost!