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Christmas Presents

Isn’t it nice when you get presents that take you into the new year on the right foot!

A new kneeler for those low gardening jobs,Christmas pressies 1
Who doesn’t want to try their hand at making cheese?Christmas pressies 2
Lovely new table mats
Christmas pressies 3
and a super little wooden spoon for my collection.Christmas pressies 4
Happy new year everyone! 🙂

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New Chickens

We were delighted today to go and collect eight new chickens and a large chicken coop kindly given to us by a friend. Thanks to our lovely neighbour who is a man with a van, this was done quite quickly and easily!

Here’s a group shot!

New chickens
I’m very happy about this, there’s something so comforting about chickens:-)

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Wedding anniversary

The official day for our silver wedding anniversary is today. I can’t believe it myself! It is very special and we are enjoying the best time of our marriage now here in Norfolk. We got our first lovely present today from some very special friends….

….isn’t it absolutely lovely! 🙂

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Baking Biscuits for a friend

We were invited to a friends for dinner last night and it was her birthday on Wednesday so I decided to bake her some biscuits and use my creative leanings to make them extra special!

Wrapped and finished…

Poor Ruth was poorly though so we didn’t go round after all. I’ll pop them round so that she can have them when she’s feeling better.

I made a card too….

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Knitted Tea Cosy

I hope everone has had a really happy Christmas, we had a smashing one, really had a nice family time.

Lot’s of lovely presents including Kirsties Homemade Home book from which I’ve made my first project of the year, this lovely knitted teacosy which I think is very charming!

Had to make a few alterations to the pattern to fit my teapot but I rather like it!

Happy New Year to you all!!!

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Just finished off Christmassy things….

Just finished off christmassy things…

truffles for us and to go with some Chrissy pressies….

and our Christmas fruit cake, we prefer something a little lighter than the traditional one ……and so I hope all of you have the best Christmas ever and a very peaceful new year! Thanks for looking in on my blog during 2010!