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Fakenham Market Finds

I was really pleased with what I found on the market last week. I bought these silk flowers and vase for only £3.00 🙂

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Fakenham Market Finds

Well actually, this was not found on the market, it was found on market day in a charity shop! I’m really loving the wonderful, kitsch, perpetual calendar I found. It’s a real blast from the 70’s when I was growing up. I got this fab thing for just £1.00.P1030670
It beats peering at a screen looking for the date ! 🙂

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Fakenham Market Finds

I haven’t been sharing my finds for a while have I. I’ve been so busy doing so much and haven’t had time to report back to you folks.

These are the lovely finds from last week. A really lovely Japanese lacquer box and a beautiful little art nouveau book of poems by Elizabeth Barratt Browning 1903.

Market finds

Both for only £2.50, what a treat! 🙂

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Fakenham Market Finds

Being busy over the last few weeks we haven’t had a chance to browse our lovely market. I can’t shake the habit though, so here are the finds for this week.

Two hand towels for the kitchen…..Finds 1

some East Anglian beer (and other) mats…..Finds 2

and a teeny weeny Japanese bowl.Finds 3

Total spend £2.00 🙂