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Bees – the second instalment

Many of you know that we have had the problem of having bees in a chimney that we want to use and we didn’t want to kill the bees (which was most peoples solution). We found a nice man who loves bees and was prepared to try to remove them for us without killing them. Yesterday he turned up at the door at 8 am to do the job.

I didn’t take photos of him partly dismantling our chimney!… but this is only part of a jackdaws news he found in there.

Bees 5
In the process of clearing the chimney our office was quite alive with bees.Bees 1 Bees 2
Considering the amount of bees, there was only a small piece of comb that had honey in it, small but a real gift!Bees 3
We extracted almost a jar of honey from it.Bees 4
We now have, after a very busy and tiring day, a clear chimney ready to fit our wood burner my in laws have kindly given us 🙂

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Fruit bushes!

Our fruit bushes haven’t had alot of attention recently, even though we haven’t got many and I’m not expecting a large crop I decided I needed to do something.

There’s goosberry’s in there somewhere!

I got a good lot of weeds out that had started to go to seed and gave them to the chickens and then I had a lovely little visitor looking through what I had left.

I was right, there was gooseberrys in there….

…and along side them, not so overgrown, black currents!

The garden needs so much attention, sometimes you haven’t got the time, but it’s always good to see it breath a sigh of relief.

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You can work miracles!

Yesterday in the garden we carried on tidying and preparing for spring. We have a little area at the front of the house where we have made some small ponds for any little creature that so fancies to live. After the winters toll it was in a shocking state so we decided to address it.


I bought a very special variety of little daffodils from Creake Abbey farmers Market from Jelly Cottage plants to brighten the space up and voila, what difference!



By the way, the re-used tyre contains an echinacea which has now started shooting.

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More hedge trimming

A little more time in the garden dealing with the spring jobs. Hedges are really important to do before the birds start nesting. So here’s our hedge trimming progress.

The hawthorne has been cut and shredded and put on the compost….

and the laylandii nice and trimmed.

We do try to keep the permaculture ethic and use waste from our own plot to benefit the garden. We’re keeping the bramble and the like (see above picture) to push into the gaps in the hedge which will stop the litter blowing into the garden and hopefully be a shelter for wildlife. The laylandii is much too acid for the compost thats why it’s best to take it to the recycle centre. Happy gardening folks!

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A walk in the woods

I realised today that Keith and I go for walks more in the autumn and winter than any other time of the year. It is quite beautiful at the moment. We went for a walk this afternoon to Foxley wood, nr Fakenham it was so lovely, I’ve tried to record the essence of it with my camera not for perfect pics just for how it felt. Come on my walk with me!

Now the roast’s in the oven so it’s time for a nice cup of tea and a piece of friendship cake given to us by our friends the Cartwrights, Happy Sunday!