In the Green house

I’m very happy with what is happening in my green house.

Broad beans ready to plant out,

These potatoes ready to plant,

Tomatoes ready to pot on, peppers and cucumbers,

Mixed chilli peppers,

and a couple of strawberry plants I’ve bought inside to get some early fruit.

It’s time now to sow courgettes and squash. Growing things makes me happy, but I wish the weather would warm up! ๐Ÿ˜‰



New Chicken House cont.

The chickens have been out in the garden since the avian flew restrictions have been lifted, but now it’s produce growing season they have to stay in doors! That means it’s time to cut the windows out of the new chicken house.

It looked quite drastic to begin with.

But with the help of some very sticky greenhouse tape, some cable ties and a length of chicken wire, we have managed to make some neat and tidy windows for our chickens to get some light and fresh air but not get soggy when it rains!

They do seem quite happy in their lovely new home! ๐Ÿ™‚

This poly-tunnel was bought second hand with a view to making a practical chicken enclosure. The aim was to protect them from the worst of the weather in the winter and there being no where for bugs like spider mite to hide away.

Orange Liqueur

I love Cointreau, unfortunately it has got very expensive so I really can’t afford that little treat! I have now found a recipe and have made my own orange liqueur. A very simple recipe that uses a supermarket vodka, orange zest, sugar and water. I worked out it costs half the price of the original.

I saved the oranges for marmalade (or you could juice them)

It only takes a few days to make but you are advised to leave it to mature for a few weeks. (if you can) ๐Ÿ™‚

One of My Favourite Times of Year!

Yes, it’s one of my favourite times of year. I can see everything is brightening up. The particular bird song, new shoots peeping through the soil, blossom coming out, so it’s time to get active in the green house. My fingers get itchy this time of year and I get the impulse to grow things! I’m not one for gardening in the cold so tidying up is being done now as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve had a sort out in my green house and moved a few things round and it’s now set for action.

Today I sowed some tomatoes, cucumbers and small red peppers

I have made a gardening journal from an old book, that I try and keep a record of how things go in my garden as well as hints and tips for me to refer to.

Here’s a sample page. ๐Ÿ™‚

Garden Forage Soup

A good idea for using up bits and pieces and leftovers is soup. If something has gone a bit ugly or shriveled in your fridge, use them in Soup. ย I sometimes have a little forage in the garden out of season too because you do occasionally find something to add to your soup out there too!

I hadย the end of a bag of potatoes, a bit of rubbery broccoli and a sad leek in the fridge. I when outside and gathered some thyme, some baby leaves of spinach that was tucked away and some bitter cress that had taken over one of my herb pots.


This is what bitter cress looks like close up, it comes up like a weed and it tastes like cress!


My very sad leek needed some layers peeled off but it was fine.


Don’t just throw away this end that you cut off….


…peel and trim a little and you get this, chop it up with the rest!


I just use half an organic stock cube to help the flavor, these ones are good, they are not too salty.


All in the pan with some seasoning to cook for twenty or so minutes.


Whiz up in a blender and serve! Very cheap, yummy and nutritious ๐Ÿ™‚


New Years Marmalade

It’s the time of the year for marmalade, the Seville oranges have been in the shops and thoughts are directed to making a years supply of marmalade. The reason for this sudden desire to slice 6 pounds of oranges is two fold. It tastes better and it’s cheaper!

For several years now I’ve put the oranges in a food processor to chop them, but this year I decided to slice by hand. Oh my word, I was so surprised how pleasant it was to sit and slice the oranges by hand (with a nice serrated steak knife) in the quiet. A very simple life thing to do, and it was easier to extract the pips too!

marmalade-1 marmalade-2

Once the sliced oranges have soaked over night they are meant to be simmered to reduce the liquid by a third. When I had heated the the water in the pan and added the sugar I realised I hadn’t done that!!!

I managed to rescue it by taking some liquid out, adding more sugar and a bottle of liquid pectin. Here on my pantry shelf are twenty jars of marmalade. I now feel like Moomin Mama and I have a very happy husband!


It tastes exceptionally good too ๐Ÿ™‚


New Chicken House

To start off the new year of my Simple Life Blog, I’m excited to show you our new chicken house. Considering a chicken house the size we needed would have cost around ยฃ900 without nesting boxes etc, we decided to be creative and find an alternative solution.

This second hand polytunnel we found was the right size and only cost us ยฃ80!!!!new-house-1
All that was needed was to secure the sides with chicken wire so they can’t dig their way out.

We have a shut down for chickens here in the UK at the moment because of bird flu, but as soon as that is past we are going to cut out a large window along theย the front and fill with chicken wire.

new-house-2So here they are, all secure and safe with lots of room. The nesting boxes you can see in the front corners are made from insulated dog beds which are easy to clean and only cost ยฃ35 each!

new-house-3The result, happy chickens and happy Debbie! ๐Ÿ™‚