Bees – the second instalment

Many of you know that we have had the problem of having bees in a chimney that we want to use and we didn’t want to kill the bees (which was most peoples solution). We found a nice man who loves bees and was prepared to try to remove them for us without killing them. Yesterday he turned up at the door at 8 am to do the job.

I didn’t take photos of him partly dismantling our chimney!… but this is only part of a jackdaws news he found in there.

Bees 5
In the process of clearing the chimney our office was quite alive with bees.Bees 1 Bees 2
Considering the amount of bees, there was only a small piece of comb that had honey in it, small but a real gift!Bees 3
We extracted almost a jar of honey from it.Bees 4
We now have, after a very busy and tiring day, a clear chimney ready to fit our wood burner my in laws have kindly given us šŸ™‚


Swarm in the Garden

What do you do if you get a swarm of bees in the garden?

Bees 1

You get a man who can!!!

Bees 2

We do have a bees nest in one of our chimneys which we’ve been trying to be rid of for a couple of years. We wanted to get them out without killing them and when we’d lost all hope we met David, the friendly bee catcher, who shimmies up a ladder like there’s no tomorrow.

Bees 3

The swarm is safely in a new homeĀ and DavidsĀ coming back to deal with the chimney, hurrah!

Bees 4
This means that over the summer we can install our woodburner ready for the winter šŸ™‚