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I bought some shelves from Ebay the other day, the catch was they were collection only, I liked them so much that it was worth an hours drive. We went to collect them yesterday and made a mini vacation out of it and took some sandwiches, went to the Cathedral and sat by the river.

Cathedral 1Cathedral 3Cathedral 4Cathedral 2Cathedral 6Cathedral 5

Cathedral 7 Cathedral 8

These are the shelves, arn’t they gorgeous and only £15.00!

We got back about three o’clock in time for a cup of tea! 🙂

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Decorating on a budget

I desperately wanted to decorate the lounge. I decided that after eight years of living here it was about time to make our mark. But it had to be on a budget!


Lounge 1 Lounge 2

Start day.  The paint cost £14.00….

Lounge 3

…..and doesn’t it look nice!

The wooden lamp bottom right cost £4.00 plus £6.00 for new wiring.

Lounge 4

The bookshelves were £100 from a local antique shop. We wanted good value rather than cheap as we want them to last!

Lounge 5

The lovely corner unit was again from a local antique shop for £55.00.

Lounge 6

I printed our blinds, so new blinds for free.

Lounge 7

So a juggle around with furniture and pieces of existing art and a new room for £178.00. 🙂