Soda Bread

Soda bread is so easy to make. I know I’ve shown you this before but homemade bread is such a good example of the simple life……

…..and Soda bread is perfect when you find yourself short of bread.

I use the River Cottage recipe and if you don’t like the idea of kneading bread this is perfect, happy eating ! 🙂


Home is where the heart is!

As I can’t eat wheat and gluten free bread is so expensive we make all our own bread. This lovely loaf is soda bread made with white spelt flour, that we make during the week as it is so quick to make. It is a hugh Fearnly Whittingstall recipe who is my life style and food hero. I love his attitude and approach to food. The recipe link is a variation of mine which is from from his family cook book

I usually make two at a time, they look so appertising don’t they?