In the Green house

I’m very happy with what is happening in my green house.

Broad beans ready to plant out,

These potatoes ready to plant,

Tomatoes ready to pot on, peppers and cucumbers,

Mixed chilli peppers,

and a couple of strawberry plants I’ve bought inside to get some early fruit.

It’s time now to sow courgettes and squash. Growing things makes me happy, but I wish the weather would warm up! 😉



Enjoy My Garden

I thought I’d share our garden with you, it looks so lush and green. We are having quite a rainy summer here in the UK, this does mean less time watering for me! Garden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3 Garden 4 Garden 5 Garden 6 Garden 7 Garden 8 Garden 9
I’m feeling very blessed at the moment with the continual harvest 🙂

The Harvest Begins!

We have just begun to harvest some of our vegetables. The one we look forward to with anticipation is the broad beans. Harvested young they are gorgeous! So lunch today was broad beans on toast from Hugh Fernley-Whittingstalls book River Cottage Everyday.

Beans 1
Saute some bacon and onionBeans 2
add lightly cooked bread beans, salt, pepper and a pinch of lemon juiceBeans 3
and slide onto a nice crispy piece of toast!Beans 4
Go on, try it