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You can work miracles!

Yesterday in the garden we carried on tidying and preparing for spring. We have a little area at the front of the house where we have made some small ponds for any little creature that so fancies to live. After the winters toll it was in a shocking state so we decided to address it.


I bought a very special variety of little daffodils from Creake Abbey farmers Market from Jelly Cottage plants to brighten the space up and voila, what difference!



By the way, the re-used tyre contains an echinacea which has now started shooting.

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Spring is Springing!!!

When I was clearing in and around the green house the other day, I moved out the pots that have my bulbs in and voila, I have shoots!

 Even if your not a gloomy hate winter sort of person it’s stll really nice to see the new growth giving the hope of things to come, I’m now even thinking of sowing some early seeds!

The pots are now on my front step so that I can watch their progress.