Brightening things up

We’ve been suffering with a dark fireplace ever since we have moved into our house fourteen years ago. We are having a new carpet, so it’s time for a change. I would like the room to be a little bit lighter and therefore feel a bit more spacious.

It’s amazing what a pot of chalk paint does to start the ball rolling!

It’s like a breath of fresh air

The carpet arrives on Wednesday so I’ll keep you posted on how things go 🙂



Pink Toilet Seat!

Over the last few days we’ve given our downstairs loo a make over. When we moved into the house six years ago most of the walls were painted cream and now I’m starting to rebel against it…..

……so now the downstairs loo has been christened the ‘Battenburg Suit’  (the name came via a friend) 🙂 and on a budget too.

We already had the towel – £3.99 from tesco’s, the toilet seat – Homebase £9.00 and the paint – B&Q £12.95. I had the pink voile I’ve used for the curtain in my fabric stash too.