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As we will soon have lots of visitors to our house for our wedding anniversary, it has prompted me to do some things that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  Because they looked so plain, I’ve made some pretty curtains to decorate the kitchen windows with some fabric I inherited from my Mum; so they didn’t cost me a penny!

Instead of using the curtain rings, I made a hem and threaded them  straight onto the poles. I’m really quite pleased with them. 🙂

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Using my fabrics around my home.

I have started to use my own artwork and fabrics around the home so that I can enjoy them and get inspiration from them. This was a sample I did a short while ago which was hanging in my studio.

This unsightly space has been there since we converted this little room and I’ve been meaning to put a curtain up. I’m glad I delayed it now as I’m really pleased with this!