Well all the work in the fruit cage is paying off. Look and see, free strawberries.

Strawberries 1 Strawberries 2 Strawberries 3

What this means is not only fresh strawberries with cream, but jam and cake too!



Living our lovely life

Yes, we’ve been so busy living our lovely life that I haven’t told you what we’ve been up to for a while. Taking advange of any dry spells we have been doing things in the garden.

Two apple trees have been planted….

….they obviously have appreciated the rain we’ve been having, and as you can see so has the spinach and the rhubarb!

We have also started to construct the fruit cage….

…..I have raspberries and strawberries waiting to be put into their new home. I’m quite excited about having a fruit cage, we got it from free cycle and only had to buy new net, fab, can’t wait!