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New Flower Bed

Here’s an idea, why not make a flower bed out of an old table? Well I have! I had a very sad looking garden table, turned it upside down, cut it’s legs off and now I have a quite spacious but manageable flower bed 🙂

That old table now contains, lavender, seedum, geraniums and some tulip bulbs for the spring., I’ve never started a bed from scratch like that before so I’m very pleased 🙂

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My lovely geraniums!

It’s time to bring in the geraniums before the frosts come, it’s so easy to forget. There’s lots of ways to store them, but I’ve managed with nothing better than to bring them indoors. I did it today, so I’ll have them for next year!


Some people don’t like them but I love them. I think it’s partly because I always had one on my bedroom window sill when I was still with Mum and Dad, also I especially love the beautiful red (and they withstand a certain amount of neglect)! 🙂