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No Stock Cube Necessary

The weather’s changed here in the UK so it’s time to make soup!

We’re onto winter vegetables and over grown courgettes here at hillside lodge and so vegetable soup is on the menu.

Always start with some form of onion or leek, it doesn’t matter which, nicely chopped. This is where you throw in the garlic if you want it and herbs.Soup 1
I’ve added bay leaves, loveage, and thyme. fry gently then add your veg until they’re heated through. Lovage tastes similar to celery so add some celery stalks instead if you like.

Soup 2 Soup 3 Soup 4
Add boiling water from the kettle, you can judge how much. It depends how thick you like your soup. Add a tsp of sea salt and a few pepper corns.Soup 5
Cook until the veg are cooked, then crush a little with a potato masher or put in a liquidiser to finish.Soup 6
See, no need for a stock cube! 🙂

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Fresh herb omelette

The first fresh herb omelette of the year, the herbs are finally showing some growth.

Fresh mint, lovage, oregano, sage,and thyme all chopped up…..

omelette 1

….and added to lovely fresh eggs….

omelette 2

…..and a little grated cheese.

omelette 3

Sliced mushrooms sauteed in butter and the egg mixture poured over the top, cook until set.

omelette 4

Sorry, there’s no picture of the finished omelette as we were too busy eating it! 🙂