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Bees – the second instalment

Many of you know that we have had the problem of having bees in a chimney that we want to use and we didn’t want to kill the bees (which was most peoples solution). We found a nice man who loves bees and was prepared to try to remove them for us without killing them. Yesterday he turned up at the door at 8 am to do the job.

I didn’t take photos of him partly dismantling our chimney!… but this is only part of a jackdaws news he found in there.

Bees 5
In the process of clearing the chimney our office was quite alive with bees.Bees 1 Bees 2
Considering the amount of bees, there was only a small piece of comb that had honey in it, small but a real gift!Bees 3
We extracted almost a jar of honey from it.Bees 4
We now have, after a very busy and tiring day, a clear chimney ready to fit our wood burner my in laws have kindly given us 🙂

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Latest on ‘no supermarkets for lent’.

We are still sticking to our guns about not using supermarkets for the duration of lent. Here are some of the shops that are benefiting from that commitment.

Europe Express, a new shop to Fakenham, very friendly and very handy for milk.

Shopping 1

We have bought a lovely jar of honey today with honey comb inside and some Polish margarine to try.

Shopping 4

We regularly go into The Larder, our health food shop, but have been shopping there more and have discovered they do some lovely organic porridge oats.

Shopping 2

This is Benbows our green grocers, our lent commitment has made us shop here more aswell.

Shopping 3

So as you can see our lenten exersize is going well so far, but I have a confession to make!!! We had to get the wine for my birthday party from Morrisons, which I’m not happy about but we have not bought anything in there otherwise!